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In case you wondered what we’ve been up to lately, we’ve been to Hollywood! St. Regis Bora Bora hosted an event for us to let us showcase the new collection of wedding dresses and the work we do together. St. Regis Bora Bora is offering their guests to rent a Cecilie Melli dress for their wedding on site. We had a lot of fancy people coming out to see our work and here are some of them. Thank you Tracey for making his happen!! 

Cecilie Melli BoraBora

Cecilie Melli BoraBora 

Love to stay here. A new colection means we have to go back for a new shoot. Can’t wait!
Brought two of my kids with me to LA to let them see mama work and hang out

Forgot my high heels at home and felt like the smallest person there. See how tall I make my dresses. It’s for the tall Norwegian women, which I had never been part of that crowd…

Some of the celebs that came out

Maria Menonuos is a fan of Cecilie Melli, Cecilie Melli used to be a fan of Jason Priestley and was still star struck by the teen heartthrob, and the ‘Boyz n the Hood’ star Regina King

Look who’s talking…in flats…argh!!

And who’s listening…possibilities of having a Cecilie Melli dress on the wife of Jason Priestley. We’ll see 😉 I should have known this when I watched 90201 in my teens (giggles)

A beautiful day at the SLS BEverly Hills terrace. Loved it!

Adopt a dog at the party 😀 Unusual for us Norwegians, totally proper for a LA event

Cecilie Melli team Kirsti, Cecilie and Camilla

Some more celebs for us 🙂

St. Regis/Melli team. We’re nothing to mess with

Kirsti, Bianca, Tracey, Marion, Cecilie, Rowena, Camilla

And the lovely DJ Shy <3 br="">


WANJA Beverly Beautiful Wanja choose the Beverly gown from Claire Pettibone for her wedding day, and she was stunning in



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