The Wedding Photographer – An important investment!

The big day is here and you have spent months on planning your perfect wedding. But have you made sure that you save all the memories from this special day by investing in a talented wedding photographer? If you buy an expensive gown and put a lot of money on the location, food and decorations, then we think you should book a professional photographer to capture everything for posterity.

When our Cecilie Melli real bride Heidi said » I do» to Eivind this summer, Åsmund Holien Mo was there to document their special day, and we are in love with the photos! The bride is wearing the Zinnia beaded lace top and a silk chiffon skirt, all handmade in our studio in Oslo.

He was happy to share his thoughts with us and give some advice to help you get the most out of your wedding day.

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Why should you spend money on a wedding photographer? And what is a «normal» budget for hiring a professional wedding photographer?

Without being too dramatic, your wedding photos are one of the very few things that last longer than the wedding day itself. Once the champagne is gone, the DJ has left and the flowers have withered – photographs are the very best way to remember your wedding day. It’s not often that all your family and friends are gathered in the same place, and having memories of your grandparents partying with your friends from high school is worth the price of a photographer alone. You don’t only book a wedding photographer to update your Facebook profile picture, you book a wedding photographer so that 40 years later you can instantly bring back the memories of that day, and show your grandkids what you looked like.
In Norway I would expect to spend 28-35000 NOK on an experienced wedding photographer. This usually includes 8-12 hours of photography and fully edited, high-resolution copies of your images. I would also recommend to get a printed album, which can run anywhere from 5-20000 NOK depending on size and materials.

When do you need to book a photographer?

I would recommend to start looking for a photographer as soon as your wedding date and location is set. Popular summer dates often get booked 9-18 months in advance. From October to March you may be able to get a photographer on shorter notice, but why take that chance?

How do you choose the right photographer? What do you need to think about when you do your research?

Find someone who has a style that you like. That is the most important part. If you don’t like their photos it doesn’t matter if they’ve been to same venue you’re getting married at or come with a recommendation from someone at work. Style comes first. After that I would make sure that you look at variety of photos from the photographer. Both portraits and moments, but also from different weather and locations. Everyone can get lucky and create a few good images, but it takes talent to consistently create great work. Ask to see more if you feel like the photographer doesn’t show enough work publicly. There are no do overs for wedding photography – so do make sure that you select a photographer that you trust to document your wedding day.

Which moments are important to capture?

The ones that actually happen. I would never request any particular photograph or fake a moment only to get a picture of it. Your wedding photographers job is to document what happens during the day, like the ceremony, speeches and first dance, but also all the smaller things you might not see yourself like grandma crying, your best friend spilling his drink or family members meeting for the first time in years. Let your photographer document the day as it unfolds. It’s what you’re paying them for.
All photos by: Åsmund Holien Mo


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