One of the biggest trends in wedding gowns are the two piece wedding dress, and we love it! It gives the bride the possibility to mix and match between many elements, and she can make her bridal look that is unique for her. Here at Cecilie Melli Bride we love to try out different combinations and help our brides find their perfect match!


Photo: Marthe Mølstre

Many brides who want two gowns, but can´t afford it, can achieve the illusion by changing the skirt or the top during her wedding day.

Maybe you want a more classic look for the ceremony, long sleeves and a long skirt. But then for the party you want to dance and have a more sexy look. Change into a short skirt that is perfect for dancing, and a more transparent beaded top with some beautiful lingerie and you are all set for the party part of the wedding!


Photo: Vegard Giskehaug
Photo: Vegard Giskehaug

Take a look at our beautiful Cecilie Melli real brides in their two piece wedding dresses, maybe you will be inspired to try it for your own wedding someday!

Photo: Åsmund Holien Mo


Photo: Michaela Klouda


Photo: Henrik Beckheim

Cecilie Melli tops and skirts come in different textures and colors. Beads, lace and flowers. It´s up to you to put your wedding outfit together.

Remember that our pieces with beaded lace or lace have a long production time, so be sure to order your dress early. Summer brides must order in november or early december to be sure to get it in time.
Do you want to see all the different tops and skirts we have to offer, book your appointment now:



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