Maria Swarovski

The story of the romantic Maria dress.

One of our iconic wedding gowns that we have made for years it the Maria dress, and we think the reason for it´s timelessness is the magical curvy shape it gives to the woman who wears it.

It highlights the waist and the bust, and it has that wonderful skirt with a lot of volume created by meters and meters of silk chiffon. You are really walking on a cloud in this dress! The top is tied around the bust several times in a special way, turning the bride into a Greek goddess.

This gown has a heart shaped neckline and lace that goes from the back of the dress, over the arms and then pops up in the decollete. A perfect wedding dress for the romantic bride!

Maria Flower lace


Lace, which one do you love the most?


Maria dress details


Choose between two very different types of lace, a white one with beads and 3D-flowers and a silver lace with gold details and a lot of swarovski crystals. Both are made in France and all the details are sewn by hand.

The white flower lace is dreamy and romantic, perfect for the feminine bride getting married in spring or summer.

And the swarovski lace turns the dress towards a more art deco look, it is both elegant and glamorous. If you are looking for a dress with a vintage vibe, this is the dress for you!


Maria dress
Photo: Mona Moe Machava

The first Maria dress.

The first Maria dress was made for Maria Arredondo in 2010 when she competed in the Eurovision Song Contest, and she was a so beautiful in sky blue version of the dress. We made it in white chiffon later and it´s still one of our favorite gowns now years after we first made it.


Maria Arredondo, Maria dress
Photo: Se og Hør

Cecilie Melli in Vogue India!

The Maria dress has been all over the world, but a moment that was extra special for us was seeing the dress on actress Meesha Shafi in India Vouge! Proud is an understatement!!!


Meesha Shafi in Maria dress, Vogue India
Photo: Vogue India

Our real brides in the Maria dress.

A male wedding photographer once told us that «in this wedding dress you are guaranteed an I do!». He took the wedding photos of one of our brides that got married in the Maria dress, and he said that no man would say no to a bride in this dress. We take that as a big compliment! And just look at some of our brides that got married in our dress, they are alle sooooo beautiful on their big day!


Maria dress


Maria dress
Photo: Mona Moe Machava






Maria dress
Photo: Henrik Beckheim


Maria dress
Photo: Maximilian Photography


Maria dress
Photo: Gunvor Eline Eng Jakobsen

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