Lene, one of our favorite beaded lace gowns!


Lene, Cecilie Melli


This dress is one of a few dresses that looks good on almost every body shape, from the women with a bigger bust, to the petite bride, and everyone in between. And if you are pregnant on your wedding day, this is an excellent choice.

It has an empire waist that slant slightly in the back, and this gives it a slimmer look than a normal empire waist gown. The base of the dress is made from silk chiffon and it has a viscose lining. The viscose helps the silk chiffon from clinging to the lining, giving the dress a light look.


Lene, Cecilie Melli


How  we make the Lene dress.

We start by making the base gown without the lace, and then do the alterations. Then we attach the chiffon sleeves and zipper, and hem the skirt. The last thing we put on is the beaded lace, first around the bust and then we put on the lace sleeves.

Lene dress

All of this is sewn by hand, and we need to be very precise so the drawings on the lace are centered both in the front and back of the dress. This is the most time consuming part of the whole dress, so we need more time doing the alterations here than on other gowns without beaded lace.


Lene dress, Cecilie Melli
Photo: Ingvild Kolnes

French lace made to perfection.

The lace really makes this dress, and it is a work of art! It is made in France by the same company that made the lace for the wedding gowns of Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton.

Most of our lace is ordered from this place and every bead and flower is sewn on by hand. The production time can be up to 6 months for the most intricate lace, so we need to order it early so that we get it on time.


Lene Marlin, Lene dress, Cecilie Melli
Photo: VG

The very first Lene dress.

The dress is named after the very talented Lene Marlin, a Norwegian artist. We made her a grey version with a silver lace that looked stunning on her, and she wore it to the Norwegian castle to celebrate Princess Märtha Louise 30 year birthday party.

The bridal version is all white, but if you want to change the white lace for the silver one, that is also very pretty. If you don´t want the heavy beaded sleeves, we can make it with just the chiffon straps, and this gives it a very different look.


Lene dress detail, Cecilie Melli


A dress for the romantic bride.

We love the Lene dress, it is both elegant and romantic. The warm tone of the beads gives it a vintage feel and it might be our most comfortable dress. You can relax, eat and dance the night away and look magical all at the same time. Just perfect!


Lene dress, real bride, Cecilie Melli
Photo: Ingvild Kolnes





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