The Carousel of Hope

Ok, the big night is on and we are getting ready to look fabulous. We took a morning session at Coco’s before heading to the Beverly Hilton to set up for the auction. I’ll remind you: The auction is called Carousel of hope and is hosted by Barbra Davis. The money goes to children with diabetes and this year George Clooney is the guest of honor for hs work in Haiti and so on. I am working together with St. Regis Bora Bora. They have donated a wedding package for this event with a value of 250 000,- USD. In this package there is a wedding dress by Cecilie Melli for the bride to choose. I was going to show 8 styles up on stage presented by Jay Leno

Mercedes Benz setting up their auction item outside the Beverly Hilton

Getting the girls ready for the show

The fantastic miss Tracey Fentem who made all this possible

The girls from Ultralux made a great job on hair and make up

Mona Lisa
We were lucky to get to borrow diamond jewelry from Damiani



And all the girls 🙂

Tracey looking fab!!!

My set up at the St. Regis lounge

And the party is on!

and so is the auction

Another beautiful guest in my gown

Barbra Davis herself with Jackie and Joan Collins.

Cecilie and George Clooney. OMG!!

Having a deep converstaion with Gayle King

Kirstis HUGE diamond ring by Damiani

Kirsti, Tracey and Karine


Jane Fonda and Sidney Poitier
I was so happy about the evening and totally overwhelmed. Now we’re in New York for our press launch with St. Regis. Tomorrow we are hosting press and wedding planners to show and tell them about our fantastic collaboration. Stay tuned!


WANJA Beverly Beautiful Wanja choose the Beverly gown from Claire Pettibone for her wedding day, and she was stunning in



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