The Brand

Cecilie Melli is love for feminine and sophisticated fashion.

The awarded designer combines classic silhouettes with exclusive details, giving sober Scandinavian design a continental look.

Cecilie Melli was founded in 2004 by Norwegian fashion designer Cecilie Melli. The vision is to create feminine and beautiful fashion jewelry and accessories, and the designer has a devoted respect for the customer and the product. Therefor we consider it our responsibility as a service to share our knowledge and love for design, crafts and product with the customer.

The Cecilie Melli accessories include products like earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces. And are explored in severeal collections including bridal, day and night. The accessories explore inspirations like the Norwegian fauna and wonders of nature, extravagant fashion icons and history , and are all Cecilie Melli designs.

There are over 70 selected retailers of Cecilie Melli in Norway and internationally. Contact us to find your nearest one or to become a retailer yourself.  See our retailer-list for more information on where to find your closest retailer.

Cecilie Melli is a fashion designer educated from Esmod in Oslo and Paris. Growing up in Stavanger and living various places abroad, she has now settled in Oslo where she lives in the middle of the city, close to the ever inspiring nature.




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