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Look what we have made for you! Silk chiffon skirts in delicious colours for spring. With a accent colour braided belt you can get this skirt for only 1500NOK. It’s a bargain!! Come to my shop and have a look. 

We also got some other news for summer. I love the fresh colours of the Swarovski crystals. Perfect for  hot nights and pastel coloured outfits:)

Athene earrings in peach, 450 kr

Athene earrings in grey, 450 kr

Beautiful Venus earrings turquise, 650 kr

Venus earrings peach, 650 kr

Zarina earrings peach, 350 kr

Zarina earrings silver, 350 kr. This model also comes in black.

Iris earrings in black diamond, 300 kr

Iris earrings in grey, 300 kr

Chain lenke earrings in pearl, 450 kr

Chain lenke earrings peach, 450 kr

Chain lenke earrings grey, 450 kr

Chain lenke earrings black diamond, 450 kr

Chain ring in grey, 250 kr

Chain ring in silver, 250 kr

Chain ring black diamond, 250 kr

Chain ring peach, 250 kr
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  • Fru Ferrada

    Lekkert lekkert lekkert!!!

  • Ninja

    Här fanns det mycket att titta på 🙂

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