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We have so many new styles of earrings in our shop right now. The ones you see below arrived yesterday and they are a great option for those of you who prefere smaller earrings. Later this week we will receive even more new styles, and a little bird told me that the extremely popular “Acapulco” earrings are arriving shortly. So for all you who are on the waitinglist, we will give you a call in a few days:)
Moon, 150 kr

Grape earring in green/turquise opal, 150 kr
Grape earring in pink opal, 150 kr
Maria earring, 150 kr

Marilyn earring in white opal, 150 kr
Marilyn earring in turquise opal, 150 kr

Pearl earring, 150 kr

Princess earring, 150 kr

Svale earring, 150 kr


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