Magical windowdisplay

Yesterday we made a new windowdisplay in the shop. We were a little bit concerned regarding our ability to top the last windowdisplay we did since it was so beautiful. But I think that we did pretty good this time as well. For the base we chose to focus on colours like silver, blue and turquise while adding touches of pink and amethyst. We also put the new dress Cecilie designed for Hanne Sørvåg in the final show of «The Voice» in the display, so you all can now enjoy it on an arms length:)
In the picture you see Soria Moria bracelet in silver, 1100 kr.
Flowerbud earrings in both white opal and in a new turquise combination, both 250 kr. 

Yesterday we got new rings!

Alexis ring in clear, 350. We also have this model in black,
 green, pink, red and cognac.

Eldorado ring in black, 350 kr. This model also comes in a 
green/silver-combination and a purple/silver-combination

Oval ring in white opal, 350. This model also 
comes in clear, montana, pink, sand, and champagne
Mushroom ring in silver, 350 kr. We also have this ring in black, and turquise
Peacock ring in turquise 350 kr. This model also comes in pink, yellow, and black. 
This ring in black has been spoted on Lady Gaga.

The windowdisplay. It is so delicate and cool.

Beautiful Hanne Sørvåg in the dress seen to the right in the picture above.

Flower Love

Det er ingen hemmelighet at vi ELSKER å bruke blomster på brudekjolene våre, vi kan rett og slett ikke få



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