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This is the first day of the DPA gift suite. We arrived early to get instructions and get ready for the stars to arrive. We had a loooong list of A listers to keep track of. Luckily Kirsti is the tv watcher among us so she kept taking notes. We weren’t allowed to take private photos so we don’t have all the documentation of all the stars visiting. We will get the photos on monday, though. It was exciting to talk to all those ‘important’ people about movies, dresses and awards.

We got to know some new people and I think today will be even bigger. I loaned out dresses for yesterday Critics choice awards and the golden globe on sunday. All together 5 dresses the first day! They say today is the biggest day with the most visitors so I have had a huge breakfast with eggs and smoothie just to be prepared for a long day with almost no food or rest. We are standing on our feet from 10-6 each day, smiling and being nice to everybody. But it’s fun!!

As we didn’t get a break to eat yesterday we were so hungry. The boys wanted to meet us at Musso & Franks grill on Hollywood blvd. This is the oldest restaurant here and we were seated at Charlie Chaplins table. We even saw some celebrities here, but after our day we didn’t find that excititng at all. We’re getting used to it:)

We had to take a look at the stars on Hollywood boulevard

This was my favourite

And a stop outside the Chinese Theatre

This was all we managed to do yesterday. Today I’ve put on some flats instead of heels and a huge smile. I’m ready for a new day!
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  • Så utrolig spennenede:)
    I Norge er det snø, og nesten litt julestemning.. SÅ varm dere litt for oss også;)

    Lykke til og nyt dagene:)
    Klæm Cecilie

  • Ingvild

    OMG jenter. Ser ut som dere lever et liv bare Maria Montessani kunne drømme om. Kos dere!

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