LA and DPA gift suite set-up

After 12 hours on the plane from Frankfurt we were so happy to be on LA ground. I can’t even explain the joy I felt. And I just loved the heat hitting us when we came out of immigration.

Our stay is in Luxe Hotel on Rodeo Drive. It’s the same place as the DPA gift suite so it’s quite convenient. We were thrilled by the huge beds. I love it when you get to stretch your legs after a long plane ride. We went to bed early and slept like babies

But before bedtime we needed food. We headed towards South Beverly grill because of the delicious sushi they do. We had to wait in the bar and had a starter of chips and spinage dip. This is what I am planning on making in the cold winters nights in Norway. I’ll probably gain some kilos but in Norway you need it to get through the freezing cold winter. 

Can you see this lovely face have been up for 24 hours?

This face is a little tired

This is the best sushi I ever had. We had it in january and agreed on going straight for this restaurant when we arrived

Early night in bed. My phone rang all night and I tried to answer and make sense in my conversations. This morning we had this wonderful view from our room. Sun getting up over Beverly Hills. You can’t imagine how much joy it brings us Norwegians the view of palm trees and sun. In Norway it’s getting colder every day and we’re so enjoying the hot LA weather.

We were busy all day with set up of the DPA gift suite and fitting for our Bora Bora project

Sunny afternoon shopping in Beverly Hills

I am so proud that Nathalie chose to use my photo for the invitation to the stars:)

We needed summery stuff to use on Bora Bora. Anthropologie was the place to spend some cash. Imagine me on Bora Bora in this. Can’t wait to get there

It’s all about tropical colours. 
Tomorrow the hard work starts. The event starts at 10am so we will spend 8 hours on our feet. No food  so our breakfast will be huge. There’s a major guest list so I guess we will be busy all day, and for the next 3 days. Not much more than work for us, but when it’s done we are flying straight to Bora Bora for the photo shoot. See’ya!!


WANJA Beverly Beautiful Wanja choose the Beverly gown from Claire Pettibone for her wedding day, and she was stunning in



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