I love shirt collars

I found this cool little thing at COS the other day. A shirt collar in case you just can’t bother wearing a real shirt under the knitted sweater. After all it is getting warmer outside. And the shirt collar is perfect for my collar clips. I’ll wear it all day every day
This colour is caled pacific blue opal, by swarovski. I call it yummie!!

The shirt clip is available in 4 colours in my shop. Buy it online here
It’s obviously a must this season 

I also received a new necklace in store this week: moneypenny
These are the new bracelets that came in last week, and guess what I did? I put two or three together so they made a necklace and put them on my shirt collar, voila!

Shirley bracelet as necklace

3 coloured Dolly necklace made out of 3 bracelets. I love this look, and also the fact that I can switch between using it as bracelets or necklace

Spring is coming, finally!!! Ahhhh!!!!!


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