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Finally, it happened! Your soul mate put a ring on your finger and you are getting married!

So now you just need to find the perfect dress. THE dress!

Everybody want´s to look their best on their wedding day and the dress is important to get right. So where do you start, in this jungle of wedding dresses, to find the on that will make you shine like a star?


What type of dress do you want? Are you familiar with the different shapes and styles that exist? Read some bridal magazines and go to Pinterest to see what is out there. Do you want a big princess dress or a bohemian gown?

Then after you kind of know what you like, check out what designers and brands the different bridal salons offer. You should not go to every salon in town, it will just make you confused, so pick the ones that give you the right feeling.

Remember to book the appointment early, around 8-10 months before your wedding day. A lot of dresses have a long delivery time, so order your dress sooner rather than later.

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Almost everyone has to set a budget for the dress, and it´s important to stick to it. A wedding dress will most likely be the most expensive dress you will buy, and it´s a reason to the high prices.

The best dresses are made with silk or lace or some other fabric that are costly to produce. We make all the gowns in our studio, and made to measure dresses will be more expensive than ready to wear. It´s a piece of art that takes hours and hours to make, maybe some parts need to be sewn by hand. And the person making the dress is an artisan that have gone to school for a long time to learn how make a dress. Also, the cost of alterations can vary, and this will be added to the total price. So take that in to consideration when setting the dress budget.

A Cecilie Melli gown is made in our studio in Oslo, so our price will include alterations.

Don´t try on a dress that is way over what you want to spend, it is very hard to fall in love with a dress you can´t afford. There are plenty of great dresses within your budget, so avoid the unnecessary stress.


A white dress will not look very good when you have dark underwear on, and it will make it hard to get the right image of the dress.

So put on something close to your own skin color, this will make the underwear look invisible under the dress. Also, don´t underestimate the power of a good bra! Good underwear will make a well fitting dress look perfect, and bad underwear can ruin a gown.

Remember, if you spend a lot of money on a dress, it will make sense to invest in quality undergarment. And shape wear and spanks are a gift to all women if you don´t want to think about parts of your body you don´t like that much.


We understand that trying on wedding dresses is a special event that you want to spend with the women you love. But don´t bring the whole tribe, it will only be stressful to listen to too many opinions.

It can confuse you and you might forget to focus on your own feelings about the dress. Bring 2 or 3 people that are close to your heart and you trust. This can be your best friend, mother or sister, and you would regret to not having them with you on this special occasion.

These people that know you the best will give you their honest opinion and make sure that you get the dress that is perfect for you. They will love the dress you choose because you love it!

Cecilie Melli Bride


Many brides do a lot of research and have a clear idea of what shape they look good in. And this is good for the consultant to know, but have an open mind to new suggestions. T

he consultant have done this for many years and know the dresses well, and they have seen a lot of different body types. So she might give you a dress to try on that you would not pick for your self. Try it on, maybe this will be a game changer!

We have seen many brides that come in with a clear idea of what dress they want, and then leave with something totally different. Remember, most wedding dresses have silhouette that are not normally worn everyday, so you will not know how it looks on you before you try it on.

Ok, we think you are ready to go shopping now. So book you appointment now and let the fun begin!


If you want to try on dresses in our studio, call us: 95136701 or send an email to


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