Cannes day three and 17,mai!!

Today is may 17th, Norways constitution day. Champagne for breakfast is the thing to do. We put on our norwegian ribbon and dresses in red white and blue but we skipped the champagne. It felt a bit too early. Sore feet is normal on may 17th but we were prepared.

A good breakfast before work

Red white and blue

My dress

Kirstis dress
We had a visit of french actress Julia Ferrier. She gave us high five on behalf of Jarle Bernhoft and we were proud to be Norwegians.
The Madagaskar penguins came together with Ban Stiller and Bruce Willis.

Then we were lucky enough to get tickets for the screening of Jackues Audiards movie ‘De Rouille et D’os’, »Rust and bone’.

We had to put on our long gowns and go to the gala premier. 

Style spotting on the red carpet

We also got to walk the red carpet

Inside the cinema. We got amazing seats. We could look directly down on the stars that we also saw on the screen

Marion Cotillard 

after the movie it was finally dinner. We only managed to do breakfast and dinner today. It’s been a blast and now we’re exhausted. To finish it of we sat right next to the producer of ‘American Psycho’ discussing july 22, and a certain person while drinking chapagne.
This was our day at work:)


WANJA Beverly Beautiful Wanja choose the Beverly gown from Claire Pettibone for her wedding day, and she was stunning in



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