The brand

Cecilie Melli as brand was established in 2004 by Cecilie Melli herself. Cecilie had her education as a fashion designer and modelist at Esmod Oslo from 1994 to 1996. The last year of school was spent in Paris, specializing in mens design and pattern-making at Esmod Paris. She returned to Oslo in 1998, with her two kids trying to get a job as a fashion designer. It turned out to be hard in the small fashion industry in Norway. In 1998 she was hired as a seamstress and bridal consultant in a bridal shop in Oslo. After two years in this job working with numerous brides and altering hundreds of wedding gowns she found a hole in the market. She found there was a lacking spot for the fashion forward bride. The bride who is searching for a dress more in sync with the fashion of the moment, a dress to be proud of when your photo is up on the walls of close family. That is how the wedding dress collection came to live and Cecilie started to get ‘brides to be’ as customers in 2000. Four years later Cecilie was working full time serving Norwegian women in search for the perfect dress.

                                                                                            Photo: Hanne Pernille Andersen

The brand is love for feminine and sophisticated fashion. The awarded designer combines classic silhouettes with exclusive details, giving sober Scandinavian design a continental look.

At Cecilie Melli Studio we show a devoted respect for the customer and the product. We consider it our responsibility as a service to share our knowledge and love for design, crafts and product with the customer.

When you purchase a dress  by Cecilie Melli, you are investing in high quality and craftsmanship. The finest lace, silks and fabrics are sourced, cut and sewn by highly skilled craftsmen educated by the Cecilie Melli team in Oslo, Norway. All gowns are made in our studio in Oslo.

Cecilie Melli bridal pieces blend individual dreams with professional craftsmanship. Customers wishes, technical essentials and aestethics are very important to us, and all staff in the studio and design department are highly experienced and well educated. We take high pride in serving our clients and giving them the best treatment searched.

The Cecilie Melli bridal accessories include products like earrings, silk shawls, veils, head pieces, rings, bracelets, handbags and necklaces. The accessories are manufactured mainly in China. All custom jewelrys are plated with rhodium, silver or 14K gold, set with cubic Zirconia or Swarovski crystals. The accessories are known for the delicate, beautiful design inspired by flowers or vintage jewelry, and it’s high quality. Perfect to accessorize the dress of your dreams.


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