Autumn- Time to start looking for you wedding dress!

Many brides come to our studio to late to get the dress of their dreams, and this is heartbreaking for both the bride and us. We want every bride to able to choose her perfect dress, but if you leave it to the last minute chances are that you will have to go for plan B. And nobody wants to that for their special day!

If you want a dress from our studio, we recommend that you order the dress about 8 months before your wedding day. That means that if you are getting married next summer, you should start looking at dresses now, in autumn.

Many of our fabrics and lace are very exclusive and made by hand, so we need to place the order early to make sure we get in time to make the dress.

All of our dresses are made to measure in our studio in Oslo, and it takes time to make everything by hand. Each dress is customized to every customer and then finished before it leaves the studio.




The hunt for the perfect dress can take time, many brides does not know what they want or what shape that looks good on their body. So you need time to try on different styles, to find that perfect silhouette and look. You don´t want to be in a hurry in this part of the process, it will take the joy out of the hunt.

Finding a dress should be fun and inspirational, and what´s more exciting than spending time with close friends and family surrounded by beautiful gowns?!?

So make sure to make this a good experience and book your appointment now!

If you want to try on dresses in our studio, call us: 45519543 or send an email to

We LOVE to help women find that special dress and make sure that their time with us is filled with joy! There is a dress for every size, age and style, and we are happy to guide you in the bridal jungle!


WANJA Beverly Beautiful Wanja choose the Beverly gown from Claire Pettibone for her wedding day, and she was stunning in



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