Another ordinary day at work

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This day was everything than ordinary. I was invited to attend a photoshoot at the Grand Hotel just down the street from my shop. It happened to be the day they opened the parliament with band playing and marching right outside our suite. We had a balcony to get a perfect view at what was going on. I pretended it was all for me:)

At the end of the street you can just see the castle. Oslo is beautiful!

The occasion was a interview for the magazine Kamille. I have never experienced this before. They had rented the Mikado suite, lined up stylist, photographer, make up artist and journalist just for me! I usually do it all myself.

The colours in the Mikado suite were beautiful and suited my wintercollection of dresses perfect. I put on different dresses and had fun with the photographer. On the couch…..

….on the bed…..

…and in the window behind the flowy curtains.

This is a teaser of what to come. Just kidding! We are not using this photo. This came out so funny we couldn’t stop laughing. I laughed for days after thinking of this highly unnatural pose. Creds to photographer

Janne Rugland . I could get used to this and want to do it again!

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