Ambassador garden party

Second day in Vienna is dedicated to vintage shopping and a garden party at the Norwegian ambassador Jan Petersens residence. The garden party was hosted by Jan for the three Norwegian designers showing in Vienna. I got to show a preview of my collection to the guests of Jan and his lovely wife. 
But before that we went vintage shopping and this cute ant was part of a funny window display

Then a cab to a vintage market situated a little outside the city center. It was on it’s way to the embassy so it was perfect

Kirsti and I are moving our office to a bigger location. That means we need a bar to complete our image. I found this fab bar but it was sold already, sadly. But now I know what to look for. It even came wth a captains hat and it’s perfect for  hosting friday fun at the office. 

Handmade flower headbands

Then off to the garden party

The sun came out just in time

Jan Petersen and I

Mitsu, who has been in charge of most of this 🙂

See the poor quality of these photos? It’s because they’re taken with my cell. I forgot my camera in the taxi. But as an optimistic person I am I expected the driver to come back with it, and he did!! I love this guy for his honesty and service. Thank  you!!!

Thank you Jan Petersen for hosting this party for us!!
Then schnitzel time. Yummie!!

On our way back to the hotel I found this poster. Something starnge is going on with Milli Vanilli live. And isn’t one of them dead? Vienna feels a bit back to the nineties but this is too much twilight zone…
Tonight is the big show. Hope to get some photos right away to post them here.


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