New retailer

You can now shop Cecilie Melli accessoires at BRUSTAD in Bagn and BRUSTAD Fagernes. For contact information on these two shops please see http://www.ceciliemelli.com/om-oss/forhandlere/


Inca earrings

In the june edition of the swedish magazine “Femina” you can see our Inca earrings on print. Femina, june edition 2012 Inca earrings in turquise, 150 kr Inca earrings in brown, 150 kr



You can now buy Cecilie Melli accessoires at Hasla in Valle. Contact information: Hasla Valle i Setesdal T +47 37 93 73 80post@hasla.no www.hasla.no www.haslablogg.no


Gullruten 2012

foto: min mote Gullruten i går. Vi hadde besøk her om dagen av Rachel Nordtømme og hennes venninne. De var på leten etter kjole til Gullruten. Her ser dere begge i Cecilie Melli kjoler og [...]


Our flowergarden

Yesterday the weather was so depressing; it was so cold and the rain would just not stop pouring down. So since the sun refused to show up we decided to make a flowergarden in the shop. Maria, [...]


Home decoration

I just wanted to show you my fabulous cardigan clip. It’s perfect for the shirt collar. We have it in my shop in four different colours so stop by and have a look. Other than that: I am [...]

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