mai 2012

New retailer

You can now shop Cecilie Melli accessoires at BRUSTAD in Bagn and BRUSTAD Fagernes. For contact information on these two shops please see

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Inca earrings

In the june edition of the swedish magazine «Femina» you can see our Inca earrings on print. Femina, june edition 2012 Inca earrings in turquise,

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In need of a dress?

If you are attending a wedding or a faboulous party this summer we have some dresses left which can be bought of the rack in

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You can now buy Cecilie Melli accessoires at Hasla in Valle. Contact information: Hasla Valle i Setesdal T +47 37 93 73

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Gullruten 2012

foto: min mote Gullruten i går. Vi hadde besøk her om dagen av Rachel Nordtømme og hennes venninne. De var på leten etter kjole til

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Our flowergarden

Yesterday the weather was so depressing; it was so cold and the rain would just not stop pouring down. So since the sun refused to

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