I am up late doing some research for the catalog shoot for next summer. I was looking for a modernistic twist to it so I googeled ‘soviet mosernism’ to get it real hardcore. I found [...]


Snout to tail

A new display I photographed at work 8 am this morning. We got the best beaded collars in town! Lunch at the trade fair Gave & Interiør yesterday. Watermelon gazpacho in our glasses. Cheers! [...]


Last chapter

Just wanted to post some photos of our last days in LA. We are now back in icy cold Norway. I can’t wait to get back to sunny California. We took a trip down to Farmers Market at The Grove. [...]


The Artist

The Artis was among the favourites for Golden Globe and we were so lucky to meet almost the entire crew at the gift suite. This is a black and white silent movie and the costumes are right up my [...]


The day of set-up

Today was the day of the set up. We started ironing the dresses and loaded the car to the max to go to Rodeo Drive where the hotel and the venue is. It’s a fancy hotel called The [...]

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