Johanna Öst

Beautiful Johanna Öst in a shawl by me. Photos from her own blog Johanna Öst Johanna is so good with colours. I get so inspired by her. Let’s go get a new eyeshadow for the weekend. [...]


Sylvia is back!

Sylvia, the rose style necklace below has been accompanied with a pair of earrings and bracelet. It’s been a while since we had the neclace in our shop but now its back. Sylvia earrings kr [...]


It’s Friday!!!!

I was so inspired by the sun and the fact that it was friday today that I made this painting when I came to work this morning. I needed a painting for my window exhibition and painted this with [...]


News continued…

More news to my shop. We are bulking up for the party season so in case you’re in need of something to top your outfit, you know where to go. Or send your boyfriend, girlfriend, mother or [...]



Vi er nå kommet til det punktet at vi ser oss nødt til å legge om kjoleproduksjonen, grunnet (hold dere fast) for stor pågang i forhold til kapasitet på systua i Oslo. Det medfører at [...]


Hair gear

More news to our shop in Nedre Slottsgate Oslo. This time it’s stuff to put in you hair. Long or short you can brighten someones day by looking smashing from head to toe! Chiffonflower [...]

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